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Welcome to Powys Arts Month 2011

The county of Powys is not only a treasure-house of natural beauty, it is equally rich in the arts.  Painters, poets and performers, sculptors and silversmiths, musicians and media artists, and many more and varied arts practitioners, all live and work here, and the Arts Month brings them together in a celebration of what the arts in Powys have to offer.

On this website you will find details of what, where and when. Open studios, group exhibitions, craft-working and performances, and events which individuals and families can join in, in every part of the county, will take place throughout the month of October. Each entry gives details, not just of what is happening, but also location and accessibility.  Many events are at weekends, or during the half-term week at the end of the month, to enable you to visit them at convenient times, but look out for other opportunities on weekdays. You may well find that you can create your own "arts trail" and spend a day (or more) visiting several events in one area of this wide-spread county.

Powys Arts Forum hopes that you will enjoy what is on offer.  Look at the site, and plan some excursions to provide good memories of exciting events to sustain you through the winter!

Ginny Graham
Chair, Powys Arts Forum

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Powys Arts Month. On this website you'll find complete details on the many special events that are happening throughout October in Powys. It's an exciting and diverse range of activities so be sure to seek out and try something different.

Our aim has been to arrange the activities in a search friendly manner. If you want to search for an activity by location you can use the map to see what events are happening in a specific area. If you want to see what's happening on a certain date you can click on the calendar to see what's on when. Or if you're looking for events from a specific artist you can search for that too.

Additional images, blogs from artists and up-to-date information about Arts Month can be found here so be sure to keep checking. Of course you can also follow Powys Arts Month on Twitter (@powysartsmonth) and Like us on Facebook to ensure you get to hear the latest news first.

Powys Arts Month is a Powys Arts Forum project that has been made possible thanks for funding from the Arts Council of Wales and Powys County Council. Powys Arts Forum would like to extend a huge thank-you to the funders on behalf of the artists in Powys for their support to make this happen. The Forum would also like to thank all of the visitors to Powys Arts Month, without whom events such as these wouldn't be possible. And lastly all of the vibrant and innovative artists and venues working in Powys that make it such an exciting County to live and work in.

Arts Month Xtra

As part of Powys Arts Month additional funding was provided to seven projects which showed innovation, collaboration and public participation. These projects, spread across the county, will provide unique experiences to interact with artists and their work.

The seven projects include an exploration in filmed performance of tales and events linked with Lake Vyrnwy (The Lake Vrynwy Experience - Listing 10), an opportunity to work with and draw inspiration from the robot's of Paul Granjon (The Image Factory - Listing 27), a plethora of multimedia and creative workshops in Newbridge-On-Wye (MOCA Cymru - Listing 39), a community celebrating their artists, musicians and heritage (Made in Knucklas - Listing 49-52), a weekend arts festival (Brecon Arts Week - Listing 59), an artist led walk into ancient caves, with performance, readings and music (Frederick J Fredericks - Listing 68) and an artist led investigation into the World around us and the interactions that take place (The Lives of Others - Listing 71).

Essential Info

Powys Arts Month takes place throughout October 2011. Each event contains opening/performance times along with any other details you may need to take part. You can find an interactive map on the website which will show you the location of each event, but it's always worth looking at the specific directions provided with each listing to guide you in. Powys is an extremely rural county and many events are in remote areas.

It is worth noting that many of the artists, events and open studios will not accept credit cards, so come prepared. Also, we would like to ask visitors to check with each artist/performer before taking any photographs.

In each listing we've tried to give as much information as possible with regards to any restrictions or requirements. If you have any specific queries it's always best to contact the event direct before setting off.


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Looking for accommodation

If you are looking for accommodation during your visit to Powys Arts Month then view the Visit Mid Wales Accommodation website.